Terms & Conditions

1.Members are requested to consult their physician before starting any exercise program.

2.You must be at least 14 years old to become a member.

3.Our staff/employee/management/franchise/free lancers are not medically trained. They are not qualified to attendant/exercise even if you are in good physical condition and can exercise without risking your health, safety or comfort. If you have any doubts, we strongly advise you to seek expert advice (Family Physician / Doctor) before starting an exercise program. Any injuries or death during exercise or in Intensity Beyond Fitness LLP Property we are not responsible for causes.For any injury / damage / accident or incident INTENSITY BEYOND FITNESS LLP and our staff is not responsible any time.

4.All members must share their Medical history before starting Personal Training sessions with any trainers / freelancers

5.Members should fill up an admission form and other forms

6.6.Payment should be made in the form of cash, cheque, and credit/debit cards only.

7.In case you miss the due date. You have to pay Rs.500+ GST penalty on top of your Balance Due amount. Else we will terminate / downgrade your membership without informing you.

8.In case you miss the due date. You have to pay Rs.500 penalty on top of your Balance Due amount. Else we will terminate / downgrade your membership without informing you.

9.In case of cheque bounce or return Rs. 500+ GST penalty apply per cheque. And penalty must pay at the point of payment clearance.

10. In case of cheque bounce or return Rs. 500 penalty apply per cheque. And penalty must pay at the point of payment clearance.

11.A receipt should be issued upon payment, we insist to keep customer copy. In case of loss of customer copy we do provide duplicate copy with Rs. 50 extra charge.

12. Please retain all receipts; a may be required to produce them at any time.

13. We will give an access card when you join. We will also attach your photo to your Membership Agreement From. If you visit the club without access card or photo ID we may refuse your entry.

14.A member must bring access card/access device on regular basis. There is no entry without access card or other related device If you lost your card or in case of physical damage new card will cost you Rs. 250+ GST.250.

15. A member must bring access card/access device on regular basis. There is no entry without access card or other related device If you lost your card or in case of physical damage new card will cost you Rs. 250.

16. Every member shall hold an access card, which must be scan by staff member to use certain facility.

17.You can cancel your membership during your money back guarantee period. You have 7 days from the date you sign your agreement to cancel your membership. We will then cancel your agreement and terminate your membership at same time. Also we will refund your payment, less your start-up fee (Rs.1500/-) and service tax (as per Indian Government Service Tax rules/criteria). You must pay membership fees in full for money back guarantee eligibility. Part payment and any remaining due amount will not consider in money back guarantee Refundable Amount will calculate like this (TOTAL PAID AMOUNT less SERVICE TAX less START-UP FEES)

18.Once 7 days comfort guarantee is over you are not eligible for any refund. Transfer is only for non-members and can be transfer with medical or migration reason.

19.Transfer Fees – Rs. 1000 Joining fees plus GST and Rs. 500Admin fees plus GST apply with documentation. Without documentation it cannot be transferable.

20.If you are getting any refund approval from us you have to give minimum 8 weeks to arrange your refundable amount. Your mode of refundable amount may either cash / cheque.

21.Gym will have all the rights to remove/evict any member violating the Intensity Beyond Fitness LLP rules at any time.

22. Bags, drinking in glass, any type of food are not allowed in the gym/cardio area.

23.We open 365 days. Once you join it is your responsibility to use your membership to get value for your money. We are not responsible for your absenteeism. But if you have 12 months membership in that case you have Time Freeze option available. For any reason you can freeze your membership minimum for 1 month and maximum 3 months and it will cost you Rs. 500/- + GST for one month.

24.If you required more than 3 months to freeze your membership you need to talk to your club manager and with manager approval you can freeze your membership with Rs. 700/- + GST per month.

25. For Hygiene reason members are required to carry their own towel to be placed on the benches during exercise. Also wipe the section after use to maintain hygiene.

26. No eating allowed on the gym/cardio floor.

27.Only drinking water and Re-hydrating drinks allowed in gym/cardio area. Any other drinks can consume outside the premises.

28.Members are responsible to ensure that while at club premises they shall not do anything to risk injury to themselves or any other person.

29. Member must ensure/Mention that they are medically fit to undertake any particular activity and particular should not use the gymnasium facilities whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

30. Smoking or any kind of masalas or tobacco products are not permitted in club area.

31.Intensity Beyond Fitness LLP is not responsible for any serious injury or Death of Member.

32. The use of lockers is designated only during the time members are using the facilities.

33. We provide lockers you can use while exercising but these are not security lockers, please bring your own lock for your safety and keep your access card with you.

34. For all lockers left locked or with goods overnight, the management may be required to empty it at the occupants’ expense.

35.Thefts do happens. Please do not bring valuables into the club. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to your belongings while you are at the club, even if someone breaks into your locker. If you leave belongings in a locker overnight, we may remove them.

36. We keep found items for 7 days and any unclaimed items we give to charity orwill get disposed without notice including unclaimed items from lockers.

37.Members are advised not to leave money or valuables at INTENSITY BEYOND FITNESS LLP either on the gym floor or lockers. Club is not responsible for any damage or loss.

38. Personal Training is available at a separate charge. Individual workout routines are encouraged to register for the Personal Training.

39.Membership - Add –On (Personal training / Nutrition Program) cannot be suspend, delayed, carried forward, transfer for any reason.

40. PT sessions are alternate day’s means 3 times in a week. Daily PT consider as 6 days in a week. Including Sundays/Public Holidays.

41. In case member unable to come for a session, we need written (sms, email) notice 4 hour prior to the booked time for reschedule. Else it will consider as absent without any extension for any reason

42. If trainer is unable to contact you 4-hour prior your appointment, in that case trainer will provide you an extra session.

43.Please be on time for session. If arriving late the session must finish on time.

44.Personal Training fees is not refundable under any circumstances. in case refund occurs each session will count on Rs. 500/- for alternate days / week & Rs. 700/- for daily sessions / week basis.

45.Members kindly request for not to sign in advance attendance sheets, Management will not responsible for any scam / fraud / clash.

46. Gentle touching and holding is part of training session that does not mean any physical or sexual intension. It will not encourage any sexual harassment activities, and if you feel so kindly contact management for such incident.

47. Membership cards cannot be back dated.

48. Member must carry separate shoes for workout or wear a separate pair of sports/gym footwear on the gym floor to maintain hygiene.

49.Members with Inappropriate gears will refuse to do any workouts/exercise in the gym.

50. Ladies can wear Tank Tops, T shirts, Shorts, Track pants. We do not allow you wear Punjabi Dress, Saari, Kurti & Pajama, Nighty/Gown or any other traditional clothing that not suitable for exercise.

51. Gents can wear Half Sleeve/Full sleeve T shirts, Shorts, Track Pants. We do not allow you wearing kurta & pyjama, pant-shirts, jeans or any other traditional clothing that not suitable for exercise.

52.Change of Cloths must be done only in the change room.

53. Position of gym equipment on the gym floor cannot be change without management’s approval or supervision.

54. All weights, bars and hand weights must be returned to their original position after use.

55. No equipment shall be removed out of the gymnasium.

56. Anyone unfamiliar with the use of a specific piece of equipment should ask a fitness centre staff for assistance.

57. Please be courteous to others when using the facilities.

58. Be respectful and do not behave inappropriately towards other members, guests, our staff and outside service providers. Examples of inappropriate behaviour include Verbal or physical intimidation, Harassment, Abusive language (verbal/body language), Discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, size or any other disability another person may have in that case Member also losing their membership.

59. Gym user should refrain from talking loudly or Indulging in noisy activities that may annoy or distract other user (e.g. dropping weight forcefully) or any other form of conduct that is deemed inappropriate by the management and staff of the gym. The decision of the management on what constitute bad conduct will be final.

60.Video/Music in the club premises is a privilege. The volume is kept at an appropriate level. No personal CD/Pen Drive/hard Drive can be playing in Clubs instruments. INTENSITY kindly requesting for not to ask for TV remotes.

61. Members are strictly prohibited in back office.

62. Use of mobile phone in gym/cardio area is strictly prohibited.

63.INTENSITY kindly requesting to all members for not give any type of Gifts/Cash/other hospitality to any staff.

64. Members are strictly prohibited to sit on floor, gym ball, step bench, machine for no reason.

65. For security reasons, children can only wait in the lounge area or if accompanied by an adult who is seated with them.

66. Kids are not allowed in gym area for safety reason.

67.The Company may, at its sole discretion, add, remove or amend the Club Rules, including but not limited to the Terms & Conditions of the INTENSITY BEYOND FITNESS LLP Membership Agreement.

68. The operating hours and the services and facilities provided by the Club due to regulatory, administrative and/or commercial compulsion or for any other reason considered necessary by the Company.

69. Any such additions, deletions or changes from time-to-time will be notified to all Members through a medium as the Company feels appropriate by a notice of five (5) days.

70.Personal Information will be used for the following primary purpose: To fulfil obligations under a member’s membership agreement and/or any other contract between him/her and INTENSITY BEYOND FITNESS LLP; To provide services under a member’s membership agreement; To provide information about products, service and/or special offers to members; To obtain opinions or comments about products and/or services from members; To record statistical data for marketing analysis from members.

71.You have an agreement with us when you have signed it and we have accepted it. If these terms and conditions or your agreement differ from anything you are told at the club or over the phone, still these terms and your agreement will apply, unless written confirmation is received from the INTENSITY BEYOND FITNESS LLP employee.