Water It Down- The need to know benefits of being hydrated during exercise

  3rd Oct, 2017     by : Intensity


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Are you feeling dizziness or lightheaded?
Are you facing muscle cramps?
Are there any impaired cognitive performances?
Facing gastrointestinal issues like nausea
Lack of sweating or dry mouth?
Or probably, intensified heartbeat?
If the answer is Yes, you need to know the Rule of Getting Hydrated During Exercise.

No matter whether you are a professional athlete or undertaking simple exercise for staying fit and healthy, a proper level of hydration before, during and after exercise is must, to gain win-win situation. Water constitutes for around 50-70% of our body mass acting as an essential component for normal functioning of the human body. Water is required for processing the nutrients from the food we consume and transfer the assimilated nutrients to the cells by moving through the lymphatic system. In addition water is quintessential for regulating body temperature and lubricating joints.

There is an age-old simple Rule ## 8-ounce glasses of water per day to stay hydrated
But, is it really, ‘One size fit all’ approach

How much water should I drink?

Hydration needs of every individual vary in line with their sweat rates and level of physical activity. Sweat rate in turn is governed by a number of factors like:

  • People with larger body sizes sweat more
  • Fitter athletes tend to sweat early
  • Genetic factors governs sweat rate
  • Intensity of exercise impact sweat rate
  • The temperature of surrounding governs the amount of sweat etc.

So, while there exists no single rule to how much water one should drink, it is essential to know your own hydration level for staying active and healthy.

How do I know I am Dehydrated?

Dehydration can occur during any kind of physical activity scenario. It need not be compulsorily hot climate or visible perspiration. One can get dehydrated even in a skiing or winter season. However, when one is indulged in doing exercise, the chances of getting dehydrated gets multifold as there occur high level of fluid loss through sweating during exercising.

Benefits of drinking water:

  • Water helps in Maximizing Physical Performance: This is especially important in case of high intensity workouts. Lack of proper intake of water can results in unusual change in body temperature, fatigue and reduced motivation. Proper hydration reduces the oxidative stress as 80% of muscle contains water.
  • Hydration impacts the Energy Levels and Brain Function: Studies have proved that even a mild dehydration can cause lowering of brain functions and energy levels among humans.
  • Drinking Water May Help to Prevent and Treat Headaches: There are several cases where instances of headaches and migraines are caused due to dehydration. Hence, taking sufficed amount of water intake in a day helps your body work optimally
  • Drinking Ample amount of Water May Help Relieve Constipation: Constipation is one of the most common problems faced by many. The irregular bowel movement and difficulty in passing stool can be treated by staying hydrated.
  • Drinking water helps in preventing cramps and joints: Proper hydration helps in keeping the joints lubricated and increases its elasticity such that the joint pains are reduced.
  • Drinking Water Helps Reduce Chances of Kidney Stones: The higher intake of water assures maximum urinary flow thereby decreasing the concentration of mineral and minimizing the possibilities of forming lumps and crystalline that may take a form of kidney stone.
  • Drinking More Water Can Help in Weight Loss: It has been proved scientifically that intake of right quantity of water can help you in weight loss. The reason being, drinking half a liter of water can enhance your metabolism by 24-30%. Also, drinking water an hour before the meals can help one reduce the calorie intake in a day. However, when and how much to drink water is an important parameter.

Guidelines for drinking water:

INTENSITY- a one stop destination for fitness and health offers basic guidelines for drinking water Before, During, and After exercise:

WATER is the best natural REMEDY, DRINK your way to BETTER HEALTH!!