We will offer numbers of the fitness activities and programme to our clients by our premium services. We also focus on the wellness strategy which is design on long-term effort, combining both health-promotion and exercise-related activities designed to facilitate positive lifestyle changes in members of Intensity.

List of Fitness activates :

  • Cardio
  • Weight Training
  • Group Fitness
  • Wellness Programs such as Exercise &Stress management, Exercise &Time management for personal leisure activities
  • Corporate Memberships
  • Body Transformation Program
  • Medical Gym Facility
  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise for Special Population (senior Fitness)
  • Kids Fitness (Child Obesity)
  • Diet Counseling + Nutrition Program
  • In today's anxious lifestyle. People have no time for health and fitness. We are working as Future Obesity Problem Solving Agents (FOPSA) to fight against obesity and sedentary lifestyle. Recent American Health Report has declared that 39% of sudden death happens because of Sedentary Lifestyle also known as SeDS (Sedentary Death Syndromes). INTENSITY is working hard to spread awareness in local population as we are Warrior against Obesity.

    »  Cardio Training

    Cardio Training is clearly about cardiovascular exercise and really much helpful in weight loss. Unfortunately, though, many people don't know what constitutes effective cardio for muscle gains and improved fitness. Cardio Training has a keen vision to bring your fitness to new heights. We at Intensity have best cardio trainers who give you proper training in cardio with proper method. We believe to provide a better lifestyle with the perfect vision.

    » Strength Training

    Strength training is basically defines for shaping your body and burn your extra fat. At Intensity, we provide strength training with right equipment and advice from our experts. With strength training, you can improve your muscle and bone strength.


    At One on One, we focus on your overall fitness experience, not simply your workouts. Helping you realize your goals is our priority, but we also hope to make your fitness gains sustainable for the long term. Our team of professionals will equip you with the skills, motivation, and knowledge needed to succeed. Most importantly, we will ensure that fitness becomes an enjoyable part of your lifestyle.


    Group fitness is the thing which makes you determined to stay committed for your workout. Sweating out in a gym with your friends is just a great time itself. At Intensity, we have various group fitness programs which offer fitness goals like burning fat and shade those extra kilos with a lot of fun.


    Functional zone at Intensity defines some intense workout which allows you to build your muscular body with some high-end strength training. Functional Zone also includes Multi-plane exercises which are more complex movements and more closely mimic movements that are used in everyday life. It helps to build core strength, Improves endurance, Improves balance and Improves range of motion.


    At Intensity we have best weight machines. But we have also Free Weight zone which will ease you into strengthening your muscles with free weights. After a few weeks on the weight machines, you will need more variety of muscle movement. Free weights exercises are functional and they are more accurately providing the motions that humans engage in real life, allowing you to move better.

    »  Parking Facilities