No Gym No Problem

  28 January, 2019     by : Intensity


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I am too busy

My kids get in the way

I am thin already

I am too old

My back is paining

I am not a gym rat

My appetite grows larger when I go to gym

One of these possibly might be your excuse for those days, when you “pull off’ workout routines unless you are a fitness freak. Whether you are a regular gym user or a new entrant in the world of fitness, there are certainly days, in fact weeks and months, when you procrastinate on your work out rather than scheduling it as your first priority early morning. Researchers have proved that scheduling exercise routines in morning is easier before the day hits hard on you with innumerous commitments all day long.

However, with no time for gym, and no money for gym, Calisthenics Exercises comes as a great rescue and serves as the great foundation to your fitness training routines. Building on your functional strength, mastering on your body, developing strength, mobility, balance and flexibility is actually a five-finger exercise with Calisthenics exercises.

What are Calisthenics exercises?

Calisthenics exercises are aimed at using your bodyweight to build muscles. To cite a few- think of pull-ups, push-ups, pistol squats, handstand holds and much more, where you do not require any equipments or gears, simply, Your Body is Your Gym.

People often associate calisthenics exercises with mere jerky pull-up tricks and tight abs however, it’s much more than that. A consolidated list of Calisthenics exercises targeting particular body parts is listed below:

    Chest Calisthenics Exercises:
  • Incline/Decline Pushups
  • Close-Hands Push Ups (Diamond Push Ups)
  • Wide-Hands Push Ups
  • Chest Dips
    Back Calisthenics Exercises:
  • Pull-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Close-Hands Pull-ups
  • Inverted Rows
    Shoulder Calisthenics Exercises:
  • Pike Pushups
  • Handstand Pushups
  • Handstand Holds
  • Dive Bomber Push Ups
    Arm Calisthenics Exercises:
  • Dips/ Dip Holds
  • Close-Grip Chin-ups
  • Bench Dips
  • Diamond Pushups
  • Front Levers
    Ab Calisthenics Exercises:
  • Plank / Side Plank
  • Hanging Knee/ Leg Raises
  • Dragon Flags
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Bicycles
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Lunges
  • Box Jumps (Bench Jumps)
  • Calf Raises
  • Wall Sits
    Leg Calisthenics Exercises:
  • Squats/Pistol Squats
  • Squat Jumps

As beginners, you must first hit the floor with fundamental exercises and develop your body muscles to attempt expert calisthenics exercises later. Few basic calisthenics exercise to begin with includes- push-ups, pull-ups, leg raises, dips and squats.

Benefits of Calisthenics Exercise:

  • It’s completely free
  • Anytime Anywhere model
  • No gym membership required
  • It’s a full body workout not only aiming at weight loss but works on toning you body and building muscle strength.
  • It accelerates fat loss

How to overcome excuses on workout procrastination?

We certainly do not need any books or Wikipedia’s on how to stay healthy or do exercise? With fact in hands, sticking onto to the fitness routine is a quintessential factor that governs the rest.

Despite of gym memberships, fitness resolutions or to-do alerts set by us, there are certain days you need a triggering factor to help you overcome workout procrastination. Listed below are few handy tips to overcome excuses:

  • Time management : Allot a specific time schedule for workout and treat it as a non-negotiable item holding high priority. Exercise must be made a habit and an element without which day cannot begin
  • Set small achievable goals : I would do 100 push-ups when the clock struck 5:30 am, sounds more like a military command. Start with setting small goals which can be accomplished easily and keeps you motivated to pursue it further.
  • Reward yourself, each time you attain a milestone : Make sure your rewards are in line with your fitness goals and do not end at any food outlet or probably gift from Swiggy. Reward and pamper your body by making a spa appointment or body message which can make you feel relax and stress free
  • Set an exercise routine you enjoy : Some find great joy in grooving to the beats, while other feel at peace doing yoga or abs. Select and set the routine you and your body yearns for and it will help you beat the procrastination
  • Exercise with a mate : when you exercise in pairs, you cannot actually ditch your friend in and out and this keeps you motivated and helps you stay accountable. Exercise time seems to sail faster when you are enjoying doing the same with your friend.
  • Hire a personal trainer : Physical training in presence of personal trainers is a great way to overcome procrastination excuses. They are well acquainted with each of these excuses and exactly know how to boost up your mind, body and soul. Added to that, they may craft customized fitness routines in line with your requirements

If you are determined to beat work procrastination, visits our personal trainers anytime.