Most sought-after summer goals: Avoid your child from becoming Obese?

  14th May, 2018     by : Intensity


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This summer vacation take a move to ascertain your Kids’ Fitness

These figures indicate an alarming rate at which children are getting inflicted with obesity giving way to multiple health issues in adulthood. The obese children are more prone to heart diseases, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis in adulthood and the immediate effect gets reflected in their academic performance and quality of life.

Parents have a quintessential role to play in checking the signs of obesity among their children. In addition to providing guidance on healthy eating habits and practicing the same at home, the importance of physical activities and indulging children in the same can save from worsening the current situation.

However, with the hustling lifestyle and hectic academic schedules, summer break stands as the best time to induce the fitness goals among children and make them believe and realize in their potential to lead a healthy, active and engaged lifestyle.

Undoubtedly, there are plethoras of kids’ fitness centers booming in city past few years, but what matters are” Are they safe for training your tiny tots? Are the infrastructural facilities leveraged by them age-appropriate? Are they working merely on physical fitness?

FITKID, a summer fitness initiative by a well recognized Intensity Fitness Centre brings solutions to all your worries. With years of experience and state-of-the art infrastructural facilities, a special team of instructors are hailed to make ‘Fitness a Fun Game’ for Kids this summer. With the mission of healthy minds and strong muscles, the team works on physical, cognitive and emotional well-being of a kid by means of exciting sessions like yoga, aerobics, fun burn that are structured in line with physiological and psychological theories pertaining to upbringing a healthy kid.

Funburn workouts for kids:

Getting the kids out of the sedentary lifestyle and their comfort zone seems nothing less than a nightmare for today’s parent s. However, only 60 minutes of physical session each day can save your child from being obese. In addition to physical fitness, children’s gain muscular strength, better coordination, flexibility, balance and agility complimented with enhanced social skills, confidence and self-esteem. The most common fun based workout for children that can keep them engaged in fitness regime in a fun way include:

  • Strength Training: There is much stereotype linked to strength training and body resistance training for youths that is, it may cause serious injuries or stunt their growth. However, today’s strength training sessions are precisely crafted with games, fun drills and body weight exercises that improves muscular fitness, healthy bone growth and motor fitness performance.
  • Obstacle Courses: Obstacle race and relays are the fun blended way to make kids get engaged in physical activities. Amalgamation of innovative and colorful stuff can keep the motivation level of kids high enough to continue their participation and make them realize their self-worth.
  • Parent-Kids workout sessions: Often kids love to imitate elders and what other best way could be thought of instead of having a parent-kids fitness session together where fitness goals are met in homely environment. A perfect place to spend quality time with kids within a fitness domicile.

INENSITY-FITKID is a uniquely positioned summer fitness camp for keeping children healthy by loading fitness with fun. Under the guidance of experienced trainers, they undertake workouts session for kids with optimal safety and security.

Is exercising alone, a solution to healthy kids?

The answer is of course ‘No’. Regular exercise complimented with nutritional and balanced diet is an effective way to ensure a healthy child. No matter, how tiring it may seems to convince your child to opt for healthy food options, you as parents have an innate duty to accomplish it to ensure proper child growth and development. The concept of balanced diet is no matter the most sought after discussion among parents, but still, they are overwhelmed to receive information from different sources So, here we sum up some ways that can help you deal with your munchkin when it comes to healthy eating:

  • Make the nutritive food look savory and provide multiple options:
    Often forcing down the kids to eat vegetables in a much stereotyped look hailing through ages may end up, child throwing tantrums on dining table. Provide your kids with variety of healthy food options with attractive presentations to make them feel appetizing. A simple example of it may be a Frankie puffed with bundle full of veggies. Importantly, according to child psychology, children often do what they see. So, be a great role model by including healthy food in your platter before you teach them the same.
  • Do not completely checkout the sweets and snacks from your child’s diet:
    Pressuring the kids for eating healthy food in an aggressive way may lead to development of negativity towards the healthy food option. As a parent you must also provide sweets and snacks but in moderation and not as a reward. Often parents are found bribing their kids for chocolates or pastries, which may lead to a formation of negative impact and may affect the child development as well. Brainstorm ways like family dinner, talk on nutrition etc, in which you can induce healthy eating habits in your children.
  • Educate children to recognize hunger cues.
    Rather than you deciding how much your child should eat, let the child decide for him as to when the stomach is full or empty. This way you can save your child from developing the habit of overeating.

And most importantly, keep your children psychically active that will leverage their appetite and give way to healthy child. Make healthy eating a fun and not tiresome-spun for your child to ensure long term outcomes and development of healthy eating habits.

This summer vacation, do something different, define the fitness goals for your children. Help them understand the importance of healthy eating in a fun way. With every minutest accomplishment in physical task, your kid would carry a batch of confidence and learn self-discipline and self-worth with the pinch of sense of humor.

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