Is your stubborn stomach Fat bothering you ?

  12th Feb, 2018     by : Intensity


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Every time you trying fixing yourself in the smallest stylish attire, the big belly fat come in your way to looking fabulous diva. If that’s exactly your story, the simple and quick guide to removing your belly fat, would do wonders beyond imagination. The answer to reducing belly fats starts with understanding what causes this unwanted fat around stomach.

The accumulation of excess fat around waist line, is one of the growing concerns esp. among women however, even men are not an exception to it. Be it any gender, belly fats in addition to looking aesthetically displeasing, is a house for many cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many other health complications in future. Inactive lifestyle, stress and poor eating habits are the core reasons behind the pot belly with factors liking aging and heredity playing an essential role too.

What causes abdominal obesity/belly fats ?

While physical inactivity, false eating habits and sedentary lifestyle are some of the known causes behind the bulging bellies in most cases, few other factors add to it. A synopsis of factors that leads to fat accumulation around waistline:
Stress: Though it’s an uncommon fact among masses but stress results in excess belly fat. The increased level of stress among women results in release of a hormone called cortisol, and adrenaline which leverages the energy level of the body. Due to excessive release of this hormone, women’s tend to have higher appetite for fat rich food which ultimately results in excess fats around stomach.
Aging: It is yet another metabolic reason behind the excess belly fat. With increasing age of the women, there is a decline in the release of a hormone called DHEA. This rapid decline in the hormone results in piling up of fats near the stomach area. Also, due to aging there is an overall decline in the metabolism of the body which further adds to the excess of fat storage near the belly portion.
Hereditary: Genetical factors are known to causes excess belly fats in humans. This can be attributed to the fact that women with either of their parents with excess belly fat are at more risk of developing the same. This is supported by the fact that genetic matrix that causes the female to inherit the pattern in which the excess fat is stored mostly around the belly area. Usually, body tends to store the excess fat near the stomach, as it is easy to convert it into energy when needed.
Sedentary lifestyle: This is one of the most common causes of excess belly fat among females. Women who have quite inactive lifestyle and lack of physical activity and exercise routine are unable to digest the calories consumed by them, which results in accumulation of high amount of fat near the stomach and abdominal.
Hormonal changes: Several kinds of hormonal changes esp. during the menopause stage among the females, results in decline in release of hormone known as estrogen which causes excess belly fat.
False eating habits: Emotional eating is by far the most common cause of excess belly fat in females. Though there has been rise in awareness regarding healthy and balanced diet, but what’s known as emotional eating plays a major role in excessive intake of trans fat food and sugary food which leads to excess belly fat.

How to get flattened stomach in right way ?

Though people often argue that exercise alone can do wonders when it comes to flattened stomach and toned body, arguable only a right combination of following three parameters can result in healthy body, mind and soul.

Some recommended best exercises for burning stomach fats quickly

  • Any genre of cardiovascular exercise (Walking/jogging/cycling)
  • Attending outdoor boot camps
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Group workouts ( Zumba, aerobics)
  • Cross country Training ( Fartleks, Mile Repeats, Tempo runs, Race on the grass etc.)
  • Calisthenics Workout/Body-weight training

What makes a balanced diet ?

  • FBA approved balanced diet ( the % may vary as per the body types)
    • 40 - 60% carbs
    • 30-50% proteins
    • 10-20% fats
    • High intake of fibre rich food- vegetables, fruits, legumes
  • Increase in protein rich food-egg, grains, nuts, milk products
  • Cut simple carbs and add complex carbs in your diet
  • Intake of citrus fruits- orange,lemon, grapefruit or any low GI Fruits.
  • Drink detox water ( inclusive of lemon, ginger and mint)
  • Reduce consumption of oil, salt and sugar

Parameters of healthy lifestyle for toned body ?

  • High intake of water
  • Sound Sleep( 6-8 hours during nights)
  • Avoid eating 3 hours prior to going to bed
  • Lower stress activating factors
  • Avoid sodt drinks and soda's
  • Say NO to alcohol
  • Exercise regularly and appropriately
  • Meditate
  • Socialize with friends and family
  • Avoid social media addiction
  • Spend quiet time with yourself when needed

EXERCISE to be fit not skinny
EAT only to nourish your BODY