Health and Fitness Centre

Employee absenteeism is a major cost to any business with millions of working hours lost each year. With more and more demands being placed on businesses and their employees it is vital to keep the workforce operating at full capacity. Forward thinking companies are now convinced that providing staff with health and wellness solutions is a necessity not a luxury.

Setting up a fitness facility whatever its size can be a daunting prospect. We can work with you to design, install and manage a centre that will fit your budget and fitness guidelines with the minimum of trouble and interruption.  Whatever your requirements you can rely on us to provide complete facility management and administration of a safe, well run health and fitness centre where users will benefit from working with experienced, qualified staff.

Working closely with you at all times is the key to success. For us attention to detail is paramount and vital to making your facility a popular, effective and above all accessible environment for every member.

Consulting Services (CS)

Expert Analysis and Planning Services to Commercial Fitness Clubs to Ensure Economic and Operational Viability

Viability Studies

Before building a fitness club, owners and investors must determine the economic viability of the project. IFMS specialises in professional and comprehensive club viability studies that determine whether the owners/stakeholders desired financial and operational outcomes can be achieved.

IFMS analyses the size and proposed scope of a facility; the target market; the capital and on-going operation costs and revenue streams. Numerous steps are involved in this consulting process, including:

  • Analysis of owners and investors business objectives;
  • Conduct key stakeholder interviews to determine the best approach for the development of the project;
  • Complete a three-year preliminary business plan to determine project viability;
  • Determination of the most profitable amount of operational space;
  • Forecast the cost of facility programs and services;
  • Analysis of the intended target market, including demographic features such as age, gender, economic capacity, household composition. This analysis can be performed for both domestic and business target markets;
  • Analysis of competitors in relevant market areas by examining comparable facilities, price points and services;
  • Determine all sources of revenue;
  • Completion of a one to three-year revenue forecast;
  • Development of an initial, conceptual plan including space required and equipment specifications;
  • Draft of a preliminary operating and staffing plan;
  • Propose a preliminary marketing and promotion strategy and estimate associated costs;
  • Estimate pre-opening costs.

Facility Design

In our Fitness Facility Consulting work, we have worked with leading architects and interior designers to develop fitness facilities. Our space planning expertise emphasizes operational efficiency and member usability. IFMS Services include:

  • Estimation of space requirements and configuration based on market demographics and available space.
  • Assistance in developing space design plans.
  • Assistance in interior design specifications.
  • Assistance in facility design and layout to ensure operational efficiency
  • Guidance on technical specification requirements (e.g. electrical and lighting requirements, specialized flooring, etc.)
  • Specifications for fitness area requirements (including weight training and cardiovascular areas, studios for aerobic and specialty exercise classes, indoor running tracks, fitness assessment rooms, etc.)
  • Specifications for any sport and recreation facility requirements
  • Specifications for special area requirements (including laundry facilities, massage and physiotherapy areas, juice bar, locker/change rooms, etc.)
  • Furnishing specifications (e.g. furniture, artwork, signage, etc.)
  • Computer system recommendations (hardware, software, integration, etc.)
  • Specification of audio-visual requirements.
  • Security and safety considerations and design guidance.
  • Possibility plans for expansion and contraction of facilities.

Project Development

IFMS's Fitness Facility Consulting Service takes an approved business plan from the concept design phase right through to the centre's grand opening. Developing a great fitness club takes considerable know-how. IFMS experience to the business and operating plan development process, which includes:

  • Facility Completion & Equipment Installation – Working with key stakeholders, IFMS brings the physical facility to a state of completion, ready to open. This includes the selection and installation of all equipment;
  • Operational Planning – IFMS confirms basic operational procedures with the owner/stakeholders. IFMS then works with the owners and stakeholders collaboratively to develop the best operational plan;
  • Business Plan Refinement – IFMS refines the preliminary business plan developed during the viability stage by confirming all assumptions with the owners and key stakeholders. A more detailed plan for the first year of operation is then developed;
  • Program Planning – IFMS develops all operational procedures and standards, including: scheduling, pricing, staffing and complete operating considerations prior to grand opening.

Operational Reviews

Implementing industry best practices places the foundation for superior performance. IFMS has developed a suite of operational evaluation instruments for fitness clubs to ensure each IFMS-managed project maintains best practices during day-to-day operations.

These instruments are used to:
  • Provide consulting guidelines for the development and operation of new fitness Facility.
  • Provide evaluation instruments for assessing existing external club operations and comparing them to industry best practices.
  • Conduct internal audits on fitness facility managed by IFMS.

Our operational evaluation instruments measure

  • Member Services – including customer service standards, the membership management process and systems, membership communication, membership retention programs, etc.
  • Sales & Marketing Systems – including strategic planning, market positioning, sales process and promotion systems
  • Staffing Processes – including recruitment, interviewing methods, hiring processes, orientation, training & development and performance management procedures.
  • Club Administration Systems – including legal precautions, risk management, emergency management, safety and security considerations, financial processes and computer applications.
  • Program Management – including program planning processes, all the core fitness and recreation programming areas, and profit-centre programs ( such as Personal Training, Therapeutic Fitness, Massage, etc.)
  • Facility Management – including all on-going facility cleaning and maintenance standards and procedures.
  • Equipment Management – including all cleaning and maintenance standards and procedures.

Management Services (MS)

Intensity Fitness Management Service (IFMS) is in the Member Satisfaction business. We help our clients attract and retain members by building confidence and delivering value through effective fitness Facility management practices.

Recognizing that customer care is a key distinction between fitness facilities in today's market, IFMS ensures that customer focus is a fundamental part of each of our managed operations through a comprehensive customer service system. The overall aim is always to help individual members reach their stated goals while ensuring positive outcomes and a financial return for owners.

We set strategic and annual plans that meet the objectives of the client / owner, and then direct and support our high performance, on-site management team to achieve the results. As professional managers, IFMS has developed an integrated system of management practices that ensure operational integrity and program excellence.

Sales & Marketing

IFMS develops effective marketing and promotion for the fitness Facilities we manage. Through careful market research and our wealth of experience, we know how to achieve results. Our approach includes:

  • Developing an initial strategic marketing, sales and communication plan to penetrate the intended market, that is approved by our client;
  • Installing systems for prospecting, qualifying, closing, tracking and reporting on membership sales activities;
  • Designing promotional campaigns for initial start-up as well as ongoing member recruitment;
  • Creating membership enrolment materials and processes so a club can attract as many members as possible right from its opening day;
  • Implementing ongoing incentive programs to enhance the frequency of club utilization by members, membership retention and program adherence;
  • Adapting promotion programs which have been used successfully in other IFMS managed projects to optimize membership recruitment.

Financial Management

We have expertise in fitness Facility financial management. Our systems include:

  • Projecting annual and multi-year operational costs
  • Developing internal accounting systems
  • Providing club financial statements
  • Budget planning
  • Expense management
  • Membership Management systems linked to Accounting (Software)

Program Management

We design and deliver fitness, sport and recreation programs that engage members, and provide the encouragement and support individual members need to get the results they want. Our innovative and state-of-the-art program mix, technical expertise and customer focus keep members coming back. These programs include:

  • Fitness assessments and individual counselling
  • Group exercise classes including cardio, flexibility, core strength and muscle conditioning
  • Personal training
  • Interest groups, Hospitals and clinics for walking/running, recreation and sports activities
  • Training programs for Health and Fitness improvement
  • Injury prevention and therapeutic fitness programs
  • Sport and recreation programs, as feasible
  • Incentive and reward programs
  • Volunteer training
  • Fitness and wellness education programs, themed events, etc.

Operational Systems

We have developed standard policies and procedures for operational issues that are common to the ongoing management of fitness facilities and then customize these operational systems to meet each Fitness Facility’s unique needs. These systems include:

  • Member Services - Entry and control systems, computerized membership information systems, membership management processes, membership renewal procedures, retention programs, member communication systems, etc.
  • Staffing Processes - Job audits, recruitment, hiring & orientation procedures, dress codes, employment descriptions, terms and conditions of employment, standards of performance, performance management, etc
  • Administration Procedures - Implementing the appropriate organisational structure; integration of the sales, member services and accounting functions; implementing communication processes and the Management Information System (MIS); an appropriate overall information retention system, etc.

Facility & Equipment Management

IFMS install complete facility and equipment management systems to ensure a safe, clean and well-maintained environment. These systems include:

  • Cleaning specifications
  • Facility audits and reports
  • Coordination of facility maintenance requirements
  • Security requirements
  • Emergency procedures
  • Facility safety systems
  • Selection and maintenance of progressive resistance, cardiovascular
  • training, and all other club equipment