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  24 January, 2019     by : Intensity


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Any sort of Exercise is always better than none, with this fact in mind, deciding whether to go indoor or outdoor is a clever hook

With heaps of New Year resolutions centered over Fitness pledges and Fitness goals for 2019, getting the right guidance and space to turn them into reality is what one may ask for. In that event, today’s fitness centers are the most appropriate place having the right infrastructure, technologically advanced equipment, personal trainers, diet counselors, physiotherapist and of course motivating ambience and environment, which together works in helping you stay fit, healthy and confident.

Many argue doing exercise outdoors amidst fresh air stands as a favorable option with no added. My question is, with Air Quality Index reaching to 185 in Ahmedabad, the hypotheses of breathing in fresh, healthy, oxygen–rich air during outdoor workout gets nullified. To that point, running merely helps you in losing calories with no good outcomes in terms of muscular physique or toning your overall body

So when you are determined to transform your body into a Healthy Toned Body, joining a gym is the best solution, as the gyms are not only equipped with the right equipment and exercise routines that target every part of your body but, do positively impact the metabolism-boosting muscles, which help you refrain from weight gain, even after workout.

5 simple and proven benefits of joining a gym are:

  • Larger-than-life health benefits:

    there are no two points that one gains health benefits by going at the gym, as exercising helps in increasing the cardiovascular fitness thereby strengthening heart, lungs and muscles assuring greater immunity towards several Heartrelated diseases, High blood pressures, Diabetes, Depression and Stress etc.

  • Personal training:

    Unlike outdoor exercise, the exercise schedules are crafted uniquely for each individual depending upon their needs, body structure, age and physical stamina. The advent of BMI machines and other such technologies have helped the fitness centers offer customized physical training sessions for each individual to ensure maximum and niche benefit to their clientele.

  • Access to wide genre of fitness equipments:

    You never feel bored doing exercise, while swapping between cardio machines, boxing kits, strength machines, twisters and various other functional training gear, which precisely works on toning each part of your body. The latest versions of treadmills giving you an advantage of simulating race courses while indoors is the best catch so far.

  • Group Training:

    Experts have revealed group training undertaken by certified trainers have proven to be beneficial in terms of offering highly effective and safe workout, helping you learn proper cues and stay accountable. Group workouts are the fun way of encouraging and motivating people to perform their fitness routines with the added benefits of socializing and learning new and innovative workouts.

  • Hands-on Right and Useful information:

    In the current era where people are highly misinformed rather than being uninformed, getting access to righteous information in the context of health tips, well-being, diet plans and so on, certified trainers and counselors at the gym are the best people to seek help from. With millions of videos and contents streaming online each moment claiming easy weight loss, making a smart choice by approaching qualified and subject-matter experts at a gym will help you stay fit and healthy over a long run.

    Stated above are just a handful of benefits of joining a gym. If you are sincere towards your commitment to set a healthy routine for yourself, opt for the gym membership and avail the facilities regardless of harsh, hot, cold, rain or foggy weather conditions. Gyms have proven to offer the most challenging yet motivating space for accomplishing fitness goals of individuals with positively increased level of energy and confidence.

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