‘Fit-techno’, the new buzzword in the Fitness Industry

  31st August, 2018     by : Intensity


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How technology is transforming the way we accomplish our fitness goals?

If you think gym is all about stagnant treadmills and kettle bells it’s time to sneak-peek into modernistic gym instruments that give you more immersive and engaging experience driving you closer towards your fitness goals.

The element of boredom and inertia is quite common among people who convince their mind each day to visit gym. But, have you ever wondered if you gain an ultimate experience of wandering through a ravishing green field while on your treadmill, or be able to get trained and motivated virtually every moment while in gym. The technological development promises to bring a revolutionary change in the fitness industry. Let’s take a leap-forward into future of fitness centers marked with data-rich devices ensuring transformation from dull workout sessions to more engaging and motivating ones.

  • Black Box VR:

    The virtual reality gym leads as the most futuristic gym trend that challenges to turn the resistance workout session into most challenging video game session. Imagine traversing through hill trail in the enchanting picturesque beauty of The Haute Route, France-Switzerland. You can sense the chilling breeze whipping your side; you feel spirited and quite literally on cloud nine. You sense the competitive vibes as you pedal to metal for the final climb. You can hear the motivating shouts as you make it over the finish line, feeling victorious. You set free from your Virtual Reality (VR) glasses and continue to cycle more leisurely before coming to a halt. Here begins the world of future fitness and it promises to be lot more engaging and adventurous than ever before.

    This is just a snapshot of one of the wearable technologies that has hit the market and is continually evolving to offer seamless user experience with market leaders like Armour, Fitbit and Jawbone claiming to integrate the technology deeply with every corner of fitness.

  • Internet of Things:

    Fitness industry has also not been left untouched with this anywhere anytime approach leveraged by IoT. Though it has been a little outpaced in embracing the perks of cloud-applications, but the last year turns out to be the biggest one giving way to many technologically-driven gym equipments. The introduction of highly integrated body fat scales by NEO Health, in-gym virtual trainers, sensor integrated strength machines are few top in town technology-driven gym equipments that dramatically changes the way , how we approach exercise.

  • Virtual Training:

    One-stop digital fitness solutions are the ultramodern solutions that allow integrating the physical equipment with digit information in your premises. With the use of environment props like OR codes, real time data etc, the gym goers can avail the benefit of integrating real-time data with physical environment. One of the best examples of this kind is having a tablet mounted in free weight area that continually guides and motivates throughout the strength-based session. Virtual training is said to make the entire experience more immersive and engaging.

  • Online Coaching:

    Having a coach guiding you throughout your gym session is certainly not a thing to brag about, but how about getting online coaching at your convenience anywhere without the need of a physical trainer. Just the thing one can ask for in hyper busy schedule of people in today’s digital era. With things getting just a click away, the advent of cloud technologies, have made the communication and accessibility to information much simpler than ever before. The online coaching facilities offer manifold advantage of ease, 24/7 accessibility and serves as great option for wallet minded gym goers as it eliminates the need of visiting the fitness centre. Many modern fitness centres like Intensity and others have leveraged such facilities for their clientele to help them attain their fitness goals without any constraint of time and location.

  • Video Game based Fitness:

    For today’s techno savvy generation, combining games with workout session sounds just like icing on cake. The idea which once seemed plausible on a wide scale, has gained massive popularity with WiiFit giving a new dimension to the exercising. The idea of integrating exercise with the video games have given a new way to a new phrase” isn’t exercise a fun” among the youth gym goers.

These are just few techno rends that have impacted the fitness industry in recent past. With every gym embracing the technology to help its members smash their goals, Intensity is not left behind in the race. With thoughtful planning and considering the requirements of the members, the fitness centers must incorporate technology that adds to the value. In the future, more of tech developments will be hitting the market that redefines how one attains their fitness goals.