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Shivanghi Darji


About Me

I am Shivanghi Darji. I am a Clinical Dietician at Intensity. I am also a Sports Nutritionist. I do have superior nutritional diagnostic skills for individual clients & outstanding expertise in counselling as per clients’ needs and accustomed about a variety of diet plans as well as regimens for specific health conditions.

I promote healthy eating in line with the Indian Dietary Guidelines and the Healthy Eating Pyramid. We can do this by promoting consumption of a variety of minimally processed foods from the six core food groups every day, mostly plant-based foods, and limiting excess consumption of foods and drinks that are high in added saturated fat (Bad Fat), salt and sugar.

Now a days food knowledge and skills are influenced by our upbringing, culture, education, and the information we obtain from media, marketing and the internet. Our ability to source and prepare food is also affected by physical factors, such as our access to healthy food and food preparation facilities.

At Intensity we works to improve food literacy and empower individuals to make informed regarding appropriate food and drink choices.

My Vision

Inspiring healthy eating by educating population.

 My Mission

To become an innovative, research-based Diet & nutrition program designer which alter meal patterns and food choices with the goal of improved health of individuals, families, and communities. I do this through community-based education and the provision of credible, current and practical nutrition information, because I always believe in Eat well, not less.