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  12th june, 2018     by : Intensity


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I spend around 5000 bugs/month on dietary food, where are the results?

I wrap the body belt twice a day, why isn’t my waist line streamlined yet?

I run 5 miles a day, but belly fat still pops out?

I only eat zero-calorie food, where is the inch loss?

If you are freaking out with such questions and related issues, its time you brainstorm’ Are you gaining benefits of Health and fitness products you are buying, or is it just a fad! With thousands of dietary foods and fitness products hitting the market every day, people carry an illusion of losing weight at a lighting speed and invest huge sum of their income on purchase of same. But what really needs to be ironed out is whether these loud-claiming health products are really worth the cost. Are they impacting the long-term health? Or is it the time to approach the experts of health and fitness at gym or hire a personal trainer to ensure right guidance as, “Health is Wealth’.

Diet- Food Myths busted:

For many of us, beginning of weight loss diet plan (sourced from Internet or magazines or kitty groups) is marked with stocking up of food products that are synonyms to dieting, which we often do not consume on daily basis and also are not pleasing to our taste buds. Few most common dieting food staple on shelves include cereal bars, protein powders, weight-loss magic herbal pills and other quick fixes which claim magical outcomes over a short span. However, the reality check highlights that all diet plans have end dates. Only 20% of people who start a diet plan successfully completes it and attain the fitness goals. The remaining chunk of people continue for may be 4, 8, 12 weeks and when they don’t see the expected results they blame diet, an inanimate object, for the same and head towards a new diet plan.

But does that solve the problem. The fact is one need to know the right relationship with the food and how our metabolism works and keep a control over their lifestyle habits. For many, weight loss is simple unidirectional goal that’s attained with the set protocol of dietary pattern, which is often not true.

Fitness Products Myths Busted:

What comes next is the booming concept of instant slimming products, weight loss vibrating machines/rollers, body wraps, waist trainers, diet sprays and the list goes endless with each draining a wholesome portion of your income each month. If you can relate yourself to any of these fitness products you are using, my next question is what’s the results, and if answer is positive, how long will it continue?

With thousands of companies pitching their products as a unique solution to weight loss, I wonder why obesity is still spreading like an epidemic with almost 13% of total population of world been obese. The fact is, there is No Shortcuts To Fit And Healthy Life. None of the vibrations or wraparounds can slim you forever without causing any side-effects.

According to a study conducted on women, it has been analyzed that on an average a women incurs around 20K, each time they plan to start a diet or opt for fitness regime on their own. The cost adds up for diet plans, fitness equipment's, exercise footwear, protein supplements, exercise clothing etc. With such high investments for gaining fitness goals, the study reveals that only 20% of individuals succeed to attain their target additionally only 10% out of them succeed to continue it for long-term.

Thus, it’s time to conduct careful research and planning in order to stay in shape without spending a fortune- It’s wise to save plenty of pounds in your purse rather than around your belly.

The way to long-term healthy life begins here:

  • Have a long-term vision: Rather than pouncing on extreme diet or exercise plan to gain quick fix, plan a fitness and nutrition plan that can survive over a long-term. Approaching a nutritionist would be a wise move.
  • Start small: Induce decent amount of exercise plan or cut only a portion from your diet at the beginning to keep the motivation high. An expert physical fitness trainer or a renowned fitness centre can deliver best guidance when it comes to, how to lose weight in a well-timed manner without any side-effects. Small things make big difference.
  • Take a holistic approach:Rather than merely focusing on extreme diet or intense exercise, shift your perspective towards a healthy lifestyle. This is utmost important to have a healthy life forever.
There Are No Shortcuts To Being Healthy!